The purpose of the Holding

Our company’s goal is market growth and the increase of the corporate value,
which we aim to achieve with the innovative tools of the 21st century and valuable human resources.

Our Group is committed to innovation and subcontracting of manufacturing services.


The future market growth of Műszertechnika-Holding Zrt. is envisaged primarily in the areas of manufacturing and real estate divisions.

By repositioning the company, accepting and exploiting market opportunities, we aim at ‘diversification’.

Increase of corporate value

We see the opportunity for increasing the corporate value primarily in the customer relations between the Holding and its subsidiaries, in the search for new customers and in building intellectual capital.

We aim to create new business opportunities by providing special services, introducing innovative ideas and creating added value.


In line with the innovative requirements of the 21st century, we implement corporate management systems in our subsidiaries, introduce a central reporting system to continuously monitor the current situation.

A project approach and mindset permeate our daily work. We make our processes more efficient by incorporating innovation and digitalisation.

Team building

Our focus is on the most valuable resource: the individual, the employee.

Our team members can develop autonomously, empowered with areas of responsibility. Inter-generational channels of directness, sensitivity and active interpersonal relationships help maintain a continuous teamwork.

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