Company history

Founded in 1981 by Gábor Széles,
the company’s activity was the manufacture and development of geodetic instruments.

Founded in 1981 by Gábor Széles, the company’s activity was the manufacture and development of geodetic instruments.

In 1985, the company started to sell IBM compatible PCs, of which it produced and sold 10,000 units per year by 1990, thus capturing 30% of the domestic PC market.

As a result of the change of regime and import liberalisation, the PC business started to shrink significantly. Recognising this market trend in time, Műszertechnika started to develop new activities and set up its telecommunications, office technology and visual technology divisions. Accordingly, the company was transformed into a public limited company with a holding structure and took the name of Műszertechnika-Holding Zrt.

The next big leap was made in 1995, when the company started to privatise industrial companies, and the industrial portfolio now includes a wide range of manufacturing sectors, from automotive to electronics.

Műszertechnika recognised the need to work with large, international multinational companies in the new global economic system. As a result, from the last decades to the present day, supplier and commercial partnerships have been established with dozens of international companies, along with the necessary corporate culture, legal and foreign language infrastructure for cooperation.

The Műszertechnika Group has sought cooperation opportunities with international companies in Hungary that go beyond commercial partnerships. In the spirit of greater mutual commitment, several large multinational companies have been joint venture partners for us in Hungary.

The current structure of the holding company was established in 2001, managing the infocommunication companies, the manufacturing activities, the financial services and the real estate portfolio management and operation companies completely independently.

The group’s corporate philosophy is in line with what has happened over the last almost 40 years: diversification, assessing each business on its own merits and ensuring its profitability, and continuing organic growth both within companies and by launching new activities.

Several transactions have significantly changed the way the group operates. In 2007 IKARUSBUS Zrt. was acquired from the Italian IVECO-FIAT group. In the same year, the INFOCOM group, owned by Műszertechnika, was sold.

In addition, in recent years IKARUS bus manufacturing has become independent business which continues they activity as an independent company group.

The real estate portfolio was expanded with the addition of an office building in Szugló Street, Budapest.

Furthermore, in 2021, our Company launched several new manufacturing and development projects in the field of electromobility.

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